«Spatial and Railway Development in the Region of Patras»

«Greece is facing a great challenge. The present crisis cuts a deep gash in the history of the country. The crisis also offers new opportunities, however. In order to achieve a sustainable path of development, investments in the infrastructure of the country are, especially now, of central importance. One example is the railway connection from Athens to Patras. A direct, fast and reliable connection is a strategic project of the highest priority and is of both national and European importance. This particular connection will form a city network that connects the three most important Greek metropolitan regions of Thessalonika, Athens and Patras. Moreover, the ca. 215 km connection would concentrate settlement development of the region in the catchment area of 600,000 to 700,000 residents to the areas near the stations of the railway line. If the catchment area of Greater Athens is also included in the calculations, then over four million residents would profit from the connection. After a preparation meeting in September 2012 and a joint seminar week of the Universities of Athens, Patras and Zurich in June 2013, new and promising possibilities could be tested. A Swiss Greek mobile Symposium in February 2015 offered the opportunity to discuss all relevant topics for an integrated approach of spatial and railway development in the Patras Region.»


Results of the Test Planning Process 2015

Exhibition 2015

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