An Economical Approach to Land Resources: Redevelopment before New Development

Land resources are a scarce property, which are not increasable. Sustainable land use is, therefore, the central basis for a lasting Spatial Development. With the various requirements of the different important actors within this scenario, extensive spatial conflicts develop. The minimum strategy for the solution of these conflicts exists in the implementation of the principle of internal development before external development. The application of this strategy requires effective local and regional land management.

Integrated Spatial and Infrastructure Development

Via an integrated space and infrastructure development significant synergies can be reached for the organization of our habitat. This requires an early exchange of requirements and ideas among the disciplines and actors involved and a common investigation of possible solutions. For a focused and effective Spatial Development, the continuous elaboration of procedures and instruments that support these processes is of great importance.

Cross-Border Tasks of Spatial Planning

To clarify and solve relevant spatial-related issues – in particular in the closely related regions – co-operation over political, organizational and technical borders is a necessary condition. In areas of conflict regarding local planning competence and the necessary over-local space planning, extensive forms of co-operation are to be developed and tested.

Development of Innovative and Practice-Oriented Planning Methods, Instruments and Processes

One focus of the curriculum is the field of «Spatial Planning Design». While working on projects and studios, students should recognize, that designing is needed on a larger scale in order to elaborate integrated solutions for the development of settlements, landscape and infrastructure.

«Spatial Planning Design» requires appropriate processes. If sustainable solutions should be found, the involvement and the concurrence of several planning teams is required. Also a panel is needed, that accompanies and reviews the design critically and draws conclusions on how to proceed. The project studies are associated with lectures on “designing and reasoning in spatial planning