Curriculum Vitae

Bernd Scholl was a full professor for Spatial Planning and Development at the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Planning at the ETH Zurich from 2006 to 2018. His teaching and research focal points are on land and spatial management in the local and regional development, space and infrastructure development, transnational tasks as well as development and organization of innovative planning processes and methods in spatial planning and regional development.

From 1997 to 2006 Bernd Scholl directed the Institute for Urban Development and Regional Planning at the University of Karlsruhe as a full professor for the chair of the same name. During this time, Bernd Scholl acted as a chairman and member of numerous international expert commissions and Urban Development juries, such as the development of long-term perspectives for the Zurich airport and the spatial planning and development of the canton Zurich, the «Europaviertel» Consortium of Frankfurt am Main, the development of the «Südbahn» in Austria, the integrated traffic and land development of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the context of a group project of the European Union for the promotion of the internal development of our cities, he took the scientific direction and led the test planning procedures in Milan, Budapest and Stuttgart.

Bernd Scholl is full member of the German Regional Studies and Planning Academy, member of the scientific advisory board of the International Association for City and Regional Planning (ISOCARP) with seat in the Hague, as well as a funding member of the „Baukultur“ Foundation, in Berlin.

Born in Wetzlar in 1953, Bernd Scholl studied Civil Engineering and Urban Planning at the TU Darmstadt from 1973 to 1979. Subsequently, he took part in different planning projects at the office Speerplan, in Frankfurt. From 1981 to 1983, he completed post-graduate studies in Space Planning at the ETH Zurich, where afterwards he worked some years as assistant and upper assistant with Professor Maurer at the Institut for Spatial and Landscape Planning. At the ETH he also attained a doctorate on action planning. Since 1987, Bernd Scholl is a partner in a planning office for city and regional planning located in Zurich.

Interview on retirement in the 2018 D-BAUG Annual Report

Tabular Resume

23 July 1953
Born in Wetzlar/ Lahn, Germany.

Studied civil engineering and urban design at the Technical University of Darmstadt, with a minor in town planning, graduated with Dipl.-Ing. (Civil engineering).

Planner at the urban and regional planning offices of Speerplan, Frankfurt am Main, today AS&P (Albert Speer & Partner).

Postgraduate studies in spatial planning at ETH Zurich.

Assistant and Senior Assistant at the Chair of Spatial Planning (Prof. Dr. J. Maurer) ORL institute, ETH Zurich.

since 1987
Co-owner of Scholl+Signer, urban and regional planning office in Zurich.

since 1989
Member of the International Society for City and Regional Planning (ISOCARP). Member of the Scientific Committee (2002–2009)

Completed doctoral studies at ETH Zurich, received title of Dr. sc. techn.

Substitute for the Professor of Spatial Planning, ORL Institute, ETH Zurich

Director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Karlsruhe and Full Professor at the Chair for Urban and Regional Planning.

since 2002
Full member of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), Hannover.

Founding member of the Stiftung Förderkreis Baukultur, Berlin.

Visiting Professor of Spatial Planning at ETH Zurich.

Professor of Spatial Planning and Development at ETH Zurich.

Rector’s representative for the following studies: MAS/CAS/DAS, NSL, ETH Zurich.

2007–2009 and 2011–2016
Director of the Institute of Spatial and Landscape Development (IRL) at ETH Zurich.

Director of Studies: Master’s degree in Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems of the Department BAUG, ETH Zurich.

Director of NSL (Network of City and Landscape), ETH Zurich.